A realtor for my unique situation

After deciding to sell my first house of 25 years and learning that you can sell to investors while staying in the house and renting it for even as long as a year and possibly more before moving, I learned through Google that Don was an expert in these transactions. Then I read what great review he had, so I decided to go with him. After everything was completed, I can tell you that the reviews I read before starting were absolutely correct! Don took me through the whole process, showed me how to make my house presentable for showings by getting rid or hiding the personal clutter we all have, and the number of expected showings and his estimate of how many showings before an offer and the length of time for everything to be completed were surprisingly exactly as he estimated, which was great and satisfying for me, and I was just hoping for close ballpark estimates!

I highly recommend Don to anyone. He will keep you informed, educated and always follows up through the process. Thank you!